Feinerlei - Concept Store, Salzburg

Meet the Team


Meet the 3 dynamic founders Claudia Wonnebauer-Renz, Christina Renzl and Victoria Leskovar in the following interview and learn about the realization of their common dream and about the secrets of a successful family-run business.

Since August 2015 the Feinerlei-Concept Store enhances the inner city of Salzburg. How did you get the idea, the concept for this kind of store and how did you realize it?

Victoria: This innovative idea started on a family trip to Italy two years ago. We wanted to combine our already grand selection of products of our shop the “Salzburger Blumenschlössl” with other beautiful products and to extend our range of articles. Our dream was to create an exclusive shopping experience for our customers based on personality and vicinity – but most of all to leave monotony behind and open up for a refined way of living. But time was not ripe yet…

Claudia: Finally, in August 2015 we could realize our dream.

Your love for details is reflected throughout the store. One can easily see and feel how enthusiastic you are about it. The Feinerlei – Concept Store is an exceptional store. What are the reasons for it?

Claudia: The mixture of products makes our store so special. Every single item is selected by us personally and we rely completely on our personal taste and feeling for it. Our main idea for the Feinerlei – Concept Store is to offer ongoing new products and to create a beautiful mixture of articles that brighten your day and beautify your home.

Last but not least: What is the secret behind the success of a family-run business?

Christina: The secret lies in task sharing and trust in one another. If you spend so many hours a day together it is important to appreciate each other and that everybody knows exactly what to do. As important decisions are the results of intense discussions within the team everybody is happy with the outcome at the end.




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Right from start fun-loving Anita has been an essential member of our team. Learn about her personal style in furnishing, her love for details, and the reason why there is no season without the perfect decoration. Anita is known for her exuberant manners and friendliness with our customers as well as our team.

Anita, you have joined our team from the very start in August 2015 and you helped with the first decoration of the store. What is it that makes the store so special for you?

I love the classic but still personal atmosphere in the Feinerlei – Concept Store. As I like to decorate all seasons equally my possibilities to arrange and decorate are almost endless with the given variety of home accessories and the given bounty of arrangements of silk flowers here. I feel like being in paradise!

Which season is your favorite for decorating?

That is difficult to say because I really like to decorate them all. I only feel at home when the whole house is decorated according to the season and I can achieve huge effects with small details. But Christmas has always been very special for me: I turn the whole house into my personal dream of Christmas and every single accessory finds its special place. Of course a new piece is added every year, otherwise it would be too boring.

Can you describe your personal style?

Classic, elegant, timeless!


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